Humility is a pretty good manner in our hearts, but in our world, humility is actually treated as almost forgotten virtue, sadly. We strive to be accepted by other people, strive to have successful job, strive to win always in competitions and strive to have beautiful image in our names. We work more, exercise more, pray more, study more and more until we are tired enough to finish the To-Do lists. Even though, we continue because we want to get the goal.

Humility is expected to be seen in Christianity, but somehow, we just do the rules and regulations as a Christian (I’m not saying all Christians). Oxford describes it as, “The quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance.” Simply means humbling is not pushing yourself on the stage when others actually deserve it. We hear people say, “humble yourselves!” Easily said but hardly done. We just can’t do the virtue, because we see humility (at some point) becomes a self-degradation, which is not correct. Humility and self-degradation is different from each other, and it’s far from being synonyms!

Sometimes, we just strive to be humble. We track ourselves if we become humble which is also longing to be accepted and wanting to be proud of ourselves, where humility is not on one’s heart.

And this is the problem in our world. These 3 paragraphs describe that humility, as I said, is an almost forgotten virtue, because of us. Somehow, humility is actually a shining glorious word to describe in a person. It is one of the most beautiful virtues. Confucius said that humility is the solid foundation of all virtues. Because being humble is thinking of yourself less before others, but willing and ready to help, love, care for them, even though they don’t respect you. A true humble move is always accompanied with a thankful and truthful heart. The reason why we just don’t want to be humble is we, mostly, are oppressed, and the world tells us that it’s an old act.

Humility should be the virtue we must have, not because I am making a demand, but because it can create peace. It can create a gigantic beautiful place where there is no war. Kari Harvey said, “humility is the best form of warfare; it is the only thing the enemy cannot do.” Simply said. I have no more words there.

In The State of Being Humble

In the state of being humble, we bring our true self, we bring our true heart, whether it’s whole or broken. That’s why in the parable of Jesus, the sinner who cried in the temple got the attention of God even more than the Pharisee who boast himself for not being a sinner and being a trusted man (Luke 18:9-14). The Pharisee had a successful life by the way, where he can boast all His achievements. He thanked God, for he’s not a sinner and proclaimed that he did his responsibility in fasting twice a week and giving tithes. The Pharisee said many words, but the sinner only said few, “God be merciful to me a sinner.”

Those simple words showed that the sinner is overall honest and humble in his way that made Jesus said these words, “I tell you, this man [sinner] went down to his house justified rather than the other [Pharisee] (Luke 9:14a).” For God saw the sinner more righteous than the Pharisee.

At the same time, God doesn’t look in our achievements. After all, we’ll die. All of our riches are stored in Heaven. The only thing God sees in us is our hearts. If He sees a humble person, He just lifts him/her up because what He sees in you is the root of holy, perfect, peaceful and godly life. Let me tell it again.

Humility is the root of a good life. Simply said.

Jesus even emptied Himself and humbled Himself until His death. He is God in those times, but He still humbled Himself. How good our God is!

Well, maybe I’ve described humility in so many ways, but there are still things in life that we can’t understand. We, sometimes, are forced to be humble (which isn’t humility after all), so others can just praise you. If we see something glorious, we just go there to have pride on ourselves, even that goes humbling one’s heart.

What I’ve Learned

I just want to say that if you want to be humble, strive it with your willing heart. Don’t think that you need to be humble every night, don’t track your every work. Just be you. Pray as well, as it will cover your passion in humility. If you sometimes feel the pride, ask God for guidance and just thank Him, because He is showing you something new for you to know more about. Have a gratitude in your heart. All we can do these not because we strive and strive, but because it is God’s Grace that was and is poured on us and still overflowing.

What I’ve learned in humility is you will have a desire in your heart to care for others, love others and be selfless. Humbling yourself because of the desire to live for others is a very satisfying act of a person.

This is what I know, let us discover more about it.

The value of humility in life should not fade. The true nature of it should prevail. In Christ.


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